About Us

Foodu connects you with local chefs so you can always enjoy delicious food with the comfort and peace of mind that you are eating healthy and hygienic.

Why healthy? When you order a dish from a chef, the chef prepares the dish exclusively for you. This means that the dish is not prepared in bulk, nor is it prepared in unhygienic conditions. Just like what you expect from your own kitchen.

Why delicious? We select only the top chefs and then the chefs pick their best dishes. We do not want (or expect from) our chefs to prepare every dish in the world. This means that our chefs prepare the dishes which they have an expert grip over and which are delicious in the true sense of the word.

We are a new startup and are just starting out. We are actively recruiting more chefs to connect you with more great flavors. If you want to become one, please apply here. We don’t only value but need your feedback. Please drop it here. We look forward to serving you with our chefs’ delicious homemade food!

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