Chicken Cheese bread

The dish will be prepared exclusively for you by the chef in their own kitchen.
This dish has a minimum serving of 1 and maximum serving of 10 people.
This chef accepts special requests. You can make one by calling us at 03361500570 or by dropping a note during checkout.

Description From Chef

Chicken Cheese bread Stuffed with pizza sauce, chicken, mozzarella cheese and Italian seasonings, Topped with olive oil.


Sofi Yousafzai

To explore and learn as many dishes as possible with the original recipes of different countries so that our people can taste the authentic flavor of these dishes. I love to cook and bake Turkish, Arabic, French, Mexican and Italian dishes like breads with yummiest fillings, lasagna, Casseroles, Gratins, Turkish Pies, Pot Pies, Pizzas and lots of tasty snacks for kids too. As it is said that “food is the essence of life” which I believe is not only because it feeds your body but also nourishes your mind. And when it comes down to nurturing your mind and body, nothing beats homemade food prepared from scratch and served with love.