Chicken Cheese Volcano Burger

The dish will be prepared exclusively for you by the chef in their own kitchen.
This dish has a minimum serving of 1 and maximum serving of 15 people. This dish is served with complementary Fries.
This chef accepts special requests. You can make one by calling us at 03361500570 or by dropping a note during checkout.

Description From Chef

A Chicken Cheesy Volcano Burger burger is a sloppy, delicious, gloppy, barely-held-together gobful of hot meaty deliciousness and it’s at its best when the whole thing could potentially collapse in on itself like some umami-flecked black hole. The classic components – good quality, pinkish cheese flooded chicken petty, lettuce, mayo, white sauce with mushrooms ,olives- are so fine-tuned…, .


Rabia Sarfraz

Rabia is a multi-talented and multi tasking super woman, who manages home with her business without compromising her love for food since childhood. Her love for cooking and baking has taught her how to play different ingredients to come up with perfectly balanced and scrumptious and gobsful dishes. She believes that cooking itself is an art. You would never be disappointed after ordering from her kitchen.