Chicken Patty Burger

The dish will be prepared exclusively for you by the chef in their own kitchen.
This dish has a minimum serving of 1 and maximum serving of 10 people.
This chef accepts special requests. You can make one by calling us at 03361500650 or by dropping a note during checkout.

Description From Chef

Simple and fun. A classic chicken/veal burger patty inside a classic bun, with iceberg, tomatoes, onions, mayo, cheese, our special sauce, and jalapenos as an add-on option, this treat will not disappoint.


Fiz Foods

Fiz Foods

Fiz believes in quality above all else. She likes to create perfection in all her dishes, and is open to modifications suggested by her customers, to provide a truly enjoyable, personalized culinary experience. She likes to experiment with recipes to avoid the monotony, and will be sure to keep on adding new dishes to her range!