Chocolate Cupcakes

The dish will be prepared exclusively for you by the chef in their own kitchen.
This dish has a minimum serving of 2 and maximum serving of 6 people. 1 servings contain 2 cupcakes.
This chef accepts special requests. You can make one by calling us at 03361500570 or by dropping a note during checkout.

Description From Chef

You cannot forget the velvety taste of these chocolate cupcakes once you try them. Purely homemade, these cupcakes would become your must have item for your kids lunch or perfect chum for your tea.


Hareem Khizar

Cooking and Baking is Hareem’s passion. She wants to be known for her tasty and high quality dishes. She cooks from her heart to ensure everything is perfectly created and delivered to her clients on time. Her aim is to promote homemade, healthy food in town and make it a trend around.