Shahi Chicken Qorma

The dish will be prepared exclusively for you by the chef in their own kitchen.
This dish has a minimum serving of 2 and maximum serving of 12 people.
This chef accepts special requests. You can make one by calling us at 03361500570 or by dropping a note during checkout.

Description From Chef

This Indian dish, which is a heavenly combination of chicken, almonds and rich spicy curry will give you the next level experience . And the best thing is that it is not coming from a five star hotel but from the kitchen of a home! Sometimes the most humble looking recipes are the most delicious after all. This dish is ideal as a main course for lunch or dinner.


Tanveer Waseem

Tanveer prides herself on providing only the best quality home cooked for residents of Islamabad. Home or away, her dishes will give you a magnificent home cooked experience.